Monday, August 24, 2009

Productivity Never Takes a Break!

Interesting day today. I did a lot of work-related things like discussing work, outlining upcoming projects, and messing with code. But none of my word counts actually increased.

So, here's what's up in the hood these days:

-Heileen 2: I'm working as an editor for this. This is an active project that is moving along at a pretty nice pace. It's already looking to be deeper than the original.

-The Flower Shop: Writing this one based on a rough outline. The first two chapters are complete, and the third is about halfway complete. The third is really the real meat of the story, as the first two set up the story and the fourth is more of an extended epilogue. It's a nice, normal, slice of life story with normal romance and normal people. Shocking!

-hanami x 2: My own personal little project. Writing and coding this myself, as well as doing a bit of the artwork. My first forray into the dark and mysterious world of OTOME GAMES. The writing is about halfway complete, as it's not a long story. Everything else is...seriously lacking.

-Idem et Idem: Although I call it active, I've really finished the majority of my role in this. The entire first draft is complete, so revisions and edits will come as the programmer or artist requires.

-Plat du Jour: One of my really old stories that I'm finally dragging up from the depths of who knows where to bring back to life. I'm working on the outline of the entire thing, but now that the main writing for Idem is done, I'll be leaping into this one with vigor.

There's definitely more I'm up to like planning out another (otome) game, editing some other up and coming things, and such. But the ones listed above are my current active projects. Faito on!

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