Thursday, September 17, 2009

A little bit of Everything

I wrote a couple hundred words for The Flower Shop and Plat du Jour today. In The Flower Shop, romantic relationships are starting to blossom (pun totally intended). All the girls are different from each other, so you can't do the same thing to win each of their hearts. Some don't take teasing very well, and others don't care much for being lavished with compliments. You'll have to pay attention to the girl's personality if you want to win her over.

As for Plat du Jour, we're still getting to know the girls. In fact, the character who's gotten the most attention and development so far is the "best friend" dude. I love writing his interaction with the protagonist. The girls are still a mystery so far, but I want this story to be one about life and learning, not just picking a romantic interest and chasing after her. I think it's most important that the main character changes throughout the story, and the path you choose will change the main character in different ways. It's not just about changing the other characters or saving someone, but about becoming a better person, yourself.

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