Sunday, November 22, 2009

Economics and why I am a Writer

I drew something today. This is rare, since I'm actually not a huge fan of my art. When it comes to art, I either ask someone else, or I have my circle do it (in which case all I have to do is color and sometimes ink). But I worked on my own art today, just to see if I could. And I guess, technically, it's not too bad. By amateur standards, it's actually decent. But it took so LONG, and I already see quite a few things that need improvement. The hands, for instance. Also, her eyes. But I digress. The point is that with some hard work and a lot of time, I could probably polish my art into something closer to professional standards. Then I wouldn't have to rely on artists all the time.

So...why don't I? Two economic principles. The first is that (all other things held equal), if someone is better at doing something than you, you should let them do it. And I know a whooole bunch of artists who are better than me. XD The second is that (all other things held equal), you should focus on whatever you are most efficient at. So let's say I'm equally good at writing and art. However, I can write a couple thousand decent words much faster than I can draw a decent picture. Similarly, I can go back and revise those thousands of words in less time than it takes to improve on the artwork. I'm more efficient at writing, so I should focus my energy on it. So, I guess to put it bluntly, I'm faster and better at writing than art, so I've chosen to put more energy into improving my writing.

Of course, this means I have to rely on artists. And being a semi-artist, I know how much work it is, so sometimes I feel guilty asking my friends to do so much for me. Then I wish I could just do it myself so I don't have to be a burden. D: Double edged sword, suppose. And in case it matters, the girl's name is Cuprum. She's from a discarded story of mine, but I like her design quite a bit.

I also did some writing and editing today.


Deji~ said...

I think she looks pretty cool :3

On a random note, there's a company named "Cuprum" over here xDDD;

Samukun said...

Ufufufu... I used to remember a day when I had an artist at my call. Unfortunately, not any more, so I have to draw everything myself. *sigh...*

Ayu said...

@Deji: I like her design with the sword and all. I wish I could use her in something. Cuprum means copper. XD I picked it because it symbolizes strength.

@Samukun: I remember those days too. Let's both level up our art. D: Ganbarimashoo!