Monday, November 16, 2009

Let's Go!

Well, I've been off the blog for a week to reorganize myself, my games, and get new projects in order. And now I'm back. So what's in the queue these days?

Card Sweethearts - A poker-themed visual novel. I have practically zero poker experience, so I taught myself Texas Hold'em so I could at least learn the rankings of all the hands. I also understand why the game is so addictive. It's definitely a fun way to pass the time. Good thing I like writing more. XD I'm actually coming in late on this project, with a good chunk of the story already written. I've been spending the past week revising and editing everything so that it sounds kinda like I wrote it. That way, the whole game will have a little bit of coherency. I'm not making too many changes (there's no point in writing something that's already been written), but just a few here and there. I'll actually pick up writing sometime within the week.

Moonsong - More writing and tweaking the plot with people who know better than I. The current edition weighs in at 2,013 words. Still a lightweight, but so far I've only introduced two characters. XD I'm also doing art for this one, so character designs are being worked and reworked and then some.

Plat du Jour - The demo still isn't done being written, but I'm getting closer! It's currently at a pretty decent 10,905 words, and I've just begun to write the various "endings" that will lead into the respective branches. I also started work on a teaser site (see above) meant to act as the "official" homepage for the main character's school. The culture of the school is a large part of the game, so I think giving the school it's own website is a nice touch. It's also a nice way for me to brush up on my rusty HTML skills. Also working with the artist on designing a super cute logo for the game. ^-^

hanami x 2 - I actually found another artist for this! Finally. This is the third artist I've had on the project, and I hope this one sticks, because she's absolutely wonderful (then again, when have I not worked with an artist who is wonderful?).

And of course, there are a thousand other things being planned or sketched or plotted, but these are the ones I am currently focusing my attention on (especially the first two).

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Samu-kun said...

Well, you certainly do look busy. Good luck with all your projects.