Monday, February 15, 2010

The Gameplan

Well, lots on the list of things to do right now, but I'm going to write out a gameplan so that I get everything finished in good time.

The deadline for the two month challenge fast approaches. RE: Alistair is doing okay, but we're seriously in crunch time right now. A couple thousand more words, at least, hopefully done by the end of this week so that we can spend the last week testing and cleaning up any emergency issues.

Crazy insane writing month. I intend to actually finish writing both Card Sweethearts and Moonsong this month. That's a lot, especially seeing as both have several tens of thousands of words to go, but I really want to get these done ASAP. They've both been sitting around much too long, and they'll get stale if I don't put a rush order on them.

If my March plan works out, start writing three new games. Yes, three. A sequel to a game that's currently doing very well, a horror/otome game, and a personal project that I hope to be able to release commercially. @^@

In the meantime:
Ripples, Plat du Jour, and hanami x 2 will move along at whatever speed is appropriate based on the schedule and workload of the artist.


jack norton said...

woot looking forward to march/april (my birthday's month) to see the results! :)

Deji~ said...

ya for working plans!
I'm catching up with things now, so i should be able to work on Ripples some more :D
And yay for your two months challenge game ^^ Looks lovely s far! Ours seems to be hiatused ;_;

CrazyAnimePanda said...

Can't wait for Hanami x 2 to come out! I just love historical fiction otome games! ^^