Thursday, May 20, 2010

Countdown to Jisei (And why polls matter)

The third suspect is now up! Only one more suspect left. I wonder who will round out our group of suspicious suspects? (Cue mysterious music of mystery.) Like the past two weeks, there's extra info for people who know where to look. And really, you don't have to be a world class hacker to find it.

While you wait for more suspicious information about the mysterious mystery of suspicion, do take the time to vote on the blog polls. I know they sometimes seem frivolous or random, but they actually do matter to me quite a bit. Why? Because I want to make visual novels that you guys will enjoy, and your opinions on the polls do help guide me in my decisions. So if you want to see more of this or less of that, let me know! Seriously. I'm listening.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

will jisei be free too?
i read that you'll sell it on A-KON, is that true?
pls don't let it be true :( i still rely on my parents' money and dad won't let me borrow his credit card to buy a game
and i recommend re:alistair++ to my friends too! ^^
btw, i don't vote because i don't know what each words mean... what is tsundere, yandere, etc?
sorry i'm a new gamer :)