Monday, July 19, 2010

Biweekly Poll Talkback - Buying Stuff

Pictured above: A good example of why I hire real artists to draw for me. >.> My character sketch of a guy from a work in progress that may or may not be the second chapter in a mystery series. Anyway, down to the business of things. Thanks for bearing with me another two weeks on a "stuff" poll. This round garnered 118 votes, so we broke our voting record again. Wooo~

So. Things you are interested in buying.

Just Games: 70 (59)% - The highest by a long shot. Not really a surprise, since we're all here for games in the first place. Games will always remain my priority, so for all of us game-lovers, don't worry about this turning into a commercial fest of random junk for sale.

Plushies: 40 (33%) - I didn't expect this many people to be interested in plushies. O: They are pretty cute, though, ne? A huggable Shiro or Kizaki would be so adorable. Or Kurara. O: Uwaaa~ Any requests for specific characters? I'll see if I can commission a few and see how you guys like them. Someone on facebook also suggested figures. I love collecting trading figures, gashapon, Nendoroids, and other pieces of plastic shaped like cool anime people. Are there other collectors here?

Art Prints: 21 (17%) - This was the most popular option for free things, but it's not as popular for purchasable items. I can only assume it has something to do with the next option on the list.

Art Books: 38 (32%) - Why buy an art print when you can get a whole BOOK full of art prints? I don't know, either! This was a fairly popular option, which rocks. I love art books, so this will definitely become a reality.

Cosplay: 22 (18%) - To be honest, I'm not entirely certain what cosplay options I'd be able to offer. Outfits are either very detailed and difficult (read: expensive), or rather standard looking casual clothing. I've briefly considered making Shiro headphones, but that's really outside the realm of possibility right now. But as a cosplayer, I had to ask to see if anyone else wanted to cosplay, too. Of course, cosplay and casual clothing do intersect to some extent with...

Casual Clothing: 26 (22%) - I was very interested to see how this one fared, mostly because I already plan on making ???'s skull shirt from Jisei. >.> I like it enough that I would just like to own one, and I wonder if anyone else would like one as well. Deji's new design for the second chapter is pretty sweet, too. Technically it would be a cosplay shirt, but I'm pretty sure you can wear it normally, too. I also really like Derek's "Chic Mag" shirt in RE:A++ although it might be awkward if I was the one wearing it.

...but I have no money: 57 (48%) - Thank you for your honesty, and for answering the poll. ::high five::

Nothing: 5 (4%) - I honestly thought this would be a lot higher. I suppose anyone who isn't interested in buying anything would just not bother to take the poll in the first place. XD

Thank you all so much for voting! This really helped me out big time, and I hope that you'll be able to see some cool stuff in the future. ^-^


Next poll is about mobile devices. As a sort of test project, I released Ripples for the iPhone. It got a very warm reception, and I wouldn't mind pursuing more mobile options. However, things like that take time and planning, so I want to know how many of you guys are interested in things like that.


Ren said...

Whatever you do, just don't develop for the iPad. That thing is one of the most annoying platforms I had to test games on. Heavy, way too reflective, gets 100.000 fingerprints in half a second... and it's very hard to play in a comfortable position.

Add to that that it's stupidly expensive, and there you go.

*end of bitter rant*

Anonymous said...

Here's my thoughts. Smartphones can only go up from here. They are no longer a fad, and the iPhone in particular (which takes up the majority of the market share) is known for casual gaming. VNs and stats raising like Re:A++ would be a perfect fit. Mobile short bursts, almost like e-reading but more fun. Plus, develop for the iPhone, factor in the iPod Touch users, and the audience is HUGE, (not just otakus).

Release the free games to advertise your paid ones and market yourself. Release the paid to supplement your revenue (My only concern is that the app will be cheaper than the computer, and wouldn't it be necessary to remove extras or something as incentive for the PC version?).

But I only see this as porting, of course. You lose me as soon as you develop exclusively for smartphones. For that, the games need to be much more accessible and use more smartphone features. Say, a touch minigame? But you may eventually be able to make your way up.

Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to vot on this poll, but even if I did I probably wouldn't know which one to choose.
I really enjoy playing you'r games, but I also like the idea of getting plushies and cosplays. *Squee*

mong said...

I think it'd be interesting if you tried VNs on mobile devices. I do think that a more minigame- oriented kind of VN or a kinetic novel would suit that medium more though. Like, I'd rather play Ripples or soemthing like Vera Blanc on an iPhone as opposed to Jisei, if that makes any sense. XD