Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Biweekly Poll - Online Games

Wow, these weeks brought in a fantastic 246 votes. I owe you guys a little dance. XD Also, sorry for the lateness of the post. I've been flying around the world and I just got back. >.>

If you haven't seen it yet, Ripples now has an online player version. This lovely update coincides perfectly with the subject of our latest poll. : D

This poll, we had some great discussion about playing visual novels online versus downloadables.

I prefer free VNs to be online - 71 (28%)
I prefer free VNs to be downloadable - 196 (79%)
I prefer commercial VNs to be online - 14 (5%)
I prefer commercial VNs to be downloadable - 119 (48%)
Anything's fine with me - 51 (20%)

More people voted for free VNs over commercial ones. No surprise. XD It also seems that if the game is free, people are fine with either free or online. The real issue comes when the the game starts costing money. I've heard some pretty interesting arguments for why people wouldn't want to pay for a game to play online. Any thoughts in the opposite direction? Any who don't care either way?


New poll is a little different. What do you guys want to see more of in this blog? Yup. That's it. If what you like isn't on the list, just leave a comment. Whee~


Midnighticequeen said...
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Midnighticequeen said...

I'd rather have a downloadable version than online. I can get a little internet crazy sometimes so when I want to take a break, I just play some of the renpy games I downloaded. Having to go online all the time for the game I want to play seems bothersome to me, especially for people who don't have stable internet connection or can't be online all the time.

You can always offer both options. Who says you can't have the best of both worlds? ^__^

shiori said...

I prefer that the games I pay for be downloadable, because I want to be able to back it up on another hard drive or something.

Anonymous said...

Hello I must commend you on your amazing skills as an artist. I really loved playing RE:Alister. I loved that it was free because it was a lot of fun and interactive compared to a game I recently purchase for a lot of money. Your work and those who helped with the project did a magnificant job! Thank YOU! I also would like to state that now that I am fan of your work it doesn't matter if I have to pay to play. Though its great if I didn't, but Jisei, which is a game I plan on buying, is at a price that is pretty fair and cheaper for the boring game I purchase. So I say as long as your price fairly with the content that is within the game I see no issue. As well I loved to have the game be downloadable, much more then online, especially with the types of games you seem to offer. However I am not too picky, so I wish you the best. I hope you give us something new soon.