Tuesday, September 7, 2010

AnimeFest 2010 Report

Aaand we're back from AnimeFest. Woooo! This four-day convention was filled with fun, free goodies, and lots and lots of dancing. Our wonderful friends at Sayuri Studios were also present to spread the visual novel love with games never before available in print, and Zero Zigen's doujin game, Koenchu. Our table in the dealer's room this time was a lot nicer than our table at A-KON a few months ago. Besides having more games to sell, we also sold some buttons, t-shirts, artbooks, and the ever-coveted RE: Alistair++ plushies. We also gave away a ton of stuff including free stickers, postcards, and mini-art prints. A lot of people came up to the table to say hi to us, and it was absolutely wonderful to meet so many fans of our work. You guys rock, and I'm incredibly grateful that you all came out to see us. Thanks for all the kind words, the great suggestions, and for just being so much fun to talk to.

We ran a visual novel panel twice - once on Friday and once on Sunday. Much love to everyone who came out to see us. I've got some edited video from the Sunday version up on YT for your enjoyment. Here's the first part; more will go up on YT as I edit it. Many thanks to Sayuri Studios for recording all of this for us.

Altogether, I'd say that AFest was loads of fun. Thanks to everyone who came to say hi to us, thanks to everyone who came out to the panels, and thanks to those of you who came to the table to dance with me. XD I'll be doing my best to attend more conventions in the future so that I can meet even more of you guys. Visual novels, rock rock on!

Ayu dressed as Kuu, just without the magic gradient hair. XD

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GDI said...

Saiyuri Studios? Who are they? They seem so familiar.

A "non-profit" indie localizing and publishing company? Er...

Definitely gonna check em out!