Monday, September 13, 2010

Biweekly Poll - Tutorials

In our last episode, our heroes were planning on writing a few tutorials. What will happen next?

Well, tutorials, really. The numbers are as follows:

Planning a VN
90 (52%)
Using Ren'py
97 (56%)
Using Novelty
39 (22%)
Making/Finding Art
82 (47%)
Writing Branched Stories
97 (56%)
Other (Leave a Comment)
1 (0%)

I'll start with writing branched stories, since there were a lot more comments asking for it. See, leaving a comment helps, too!

And if you're looking for an overview of the VN process, check out sakevisual's YT account for some video from our making visual novels panel.


Next poll is coming in separate post because it's a little lengthy to explain.

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