Monday, November 8, 2010

Biweekly Poll - Bonus Content

Above: An in progress/practice image for a scene in Kansei. Looks like a fancy place to be. O:

I'm unreasonably excited because we had 286 votes this time. I wonder how long it'll take us to reach 300. I'm very enthusiastic about things. XD This poll asked what sort of bonus content you prefer in your game, and the answers were very interesting (to me, at least).

CG Gallery
213 (74%)
Music Room
99 (34%)
Endings Gallery
188 (65%)
Sketch Gallery
115 (40%)
Writer's Notes
117 (40%)
Artist's Notes
105 (36%)
Unlockable Wallpaper
115 (40%)
Bonus Scenes
226 (79%)
Unlockable Endings
214 (74%)

Extra content reigns king with bonus scene and unlockable endings beating out the standard CG gallery. Some really good ideas from the comments include a replayable scenes gallery (instead of just the endings) and audio commentary. I'm not entirely sure how audio commentary would work on a visual novel, but it might be nice to try at least a few scenes. Hm...I'll think about how it'll work. Someone also suggested a discount code for the next game in the series. I actually really like that idea, although it'll probably be a hidden easter egg like the outtakes reel in Jisei (owo).


Aaand for this week's poll, more bonus materials. This time, we're in the physical realm. I've been intrigued by FUNimation's recent announcement to have special edition packaging and collector's sets, because I'm totally a sucker for bonus material. Do you guys like extra stuff, or do you prefer a simple release with just the game disc? As always, leave comments with more ideas. You guys usually come up with cooler stuff. XD


cielo said...

I think a combination of mini artbook and guidebook, both in one book, would be great xD Or a fun disc with bonus material (wallpapers, short side stories, opening and ending mp3s.. you get the picture >=>). Fun discs are sweet.

Liza said...

I like soundtrack disks. I'm always excited when I get a video game with them because I like collecting game soundtracks.

And I don't know how plausible it would be, but a small plushie of an important character would be adorable too.

RabbitDoubt said...

Artbook preffered, but honestly, ANYTHING but postcards. No one actually sends those things anyway (COUGH DJMAX TRILOGY COUGH), so why not have an artbook instead?