Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Biweekly Poll - Game Releases

I've been playing around with some painting software that simulates various canvases, paints, and brushes lately. Part of me was wondering if I could make art nice enough to be usable for a visual novel. Short answer: No, I can't.

The latest poll had a pretty obvious winner. Medium length games are best, which makes sense. It's a happy agreement between content and waiting. As much as I wish we could release tons of long games, we're obviously not at that stage yet (maybe someday? <-hopeful). Until then, expect probably one or two free games a year (RE:A++ length), with a longer game in the Green Tea line yearly. MAN, that makes it sound like so little is going on. D: I write every day, and the artists also put in a lot of time and love into these projects. We want to make sure we give you our best, though, so it does take time.

Lots of short games
36 (16%)
A few long games
123 (58%)
Some medium-length games
157 (74%)
Long games with short chapters
60 (28%)


Current poll is a little bit for fun, but it does hold a certain amount of relevance. Details later. owo


Little Ramyun said...

Well, I DID see a certain someone say a little something about an MMO. HMM..

Anonymous said...

What's in the Green Tea line? As for the new poll...a spin-off of Re:Alistar or another game dealing with MMO?