Monday, February 28, 2011

Biweekly Poll (Also: Looking for BG Artist)

I'm looking for a new background artist for our in progress (free) otome game, hanami x 2. The previous artist, sadly, has had to drop the project due to real life issues. Above is a sample of his work. You are not require to mimic it. I don't mind 3D or 2D as long as it looks nice. The setting is Heian Era Japan. Email me at with samples of your work if you're interested.

And on to the biweekly poll. Clocking in at 294 votes, this poll was a fairly simple preference one: "Which is your favorite season?"

121 (41%)
64 (21%)
150 (51%)
113 (38%)

I was kinda expecting it to be even, but Autumn is definitely ahead of the pack. I'll admit, it's my favorite, too, because I like the weather during Autumn the most. What are your reasons for your favorite season?


I know these current biweekly polls feel a little random, but they're actually preference research for some stuff I'm writing. While it's not directly related to games in general, it's important for a game I'm working on in particular.


Annie said...

Aww, that's really too bad about the artist. I hope you find somebody just as talented.

On the subject of the current biweekly poll, you're missing quite the handful of preferred subjects. My personal favourites are English, Japanese and Spanish.

Kiri said...

Ayu, I must confess--I checked all the boxes when it came to my favorite season because I love them all. <3

M. Beatriz said...

Spring is my all-time favorite, because it's sunny but not too much and it's full of flowers everywhere <3 It just makes me happy!
Autumn is ok, I guess, I just don't like the rain so much D:
Summer is nice, but it's way too hot Dx And winter, ugh, no. It gets dark really early, it's gray, cold, and it rains a lot.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at all the votes for winter... Winter makes me depressed! I guess not a lot of the voters live around the Northern Hemisphere; hence the lack of love for summer, too =P (which is my favourite).

Little Ramyun said...

Summer needed more love on that poll. It's my fav because it's nice and hot outside, with hardly any rain.

Winterlover said...

Yay to winter! I was expecting summer to take over winter-because I had a belief that everyone loves summer but nope so yay \^.^/

I really don't like summer because it's all hot and sticky and I don't feel like doing a thing. Even sleeping becomes unpleasant!
And I love love love winter because it is fresh and ok I don't feel like doing every crazy thing that pops into my mind while it's winter(spring is suitable for that, mm-hm) but when it snows oh I adore it! And currently expecting snow in my country <3<3<3 Maybe that's why I'm writing this nonsense comment but whatever, right? :D

Oh! Remembered! I was gonna say that I was happy to follow sakevisual with people who like winter more than summer ^-^ Thanks to all!