Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year! The Dragon is Coming.

It's the Lunar New Year, and that means time for tasty food, fireworks, and hope for a great harvest. I'm making rice cakes for dinner tonight. ^o^ As it's the year of the dragon, I thought it would be cool to post a sketch of a relevant character from Jisei, but then I realized that that would be a massive spoiler. D: However! I did get this lovely dragon logo from Alisa, and it was just too perfect not to share with you guys.

But since we're on the topic of Jisei, I'm happy to announce the title for the third game will be Yousei. This was probably the hardest choice for me, since "yousei" tends to mean "fairy" these days. Originally, the word represented a spirit that wasn't of Japanese origin (versus the creatures of Japanese mythology referred to as youkai), and now it implies more of a European fairy type creature. Still, one of the fairy creatures referred to by the term "yousei," was a spirit that could raise the dead, and that's perfect for the Jisei story and our hero Kangai, so I decided to go with it anyway. Of course, knowing the more modern interpretation, I'm still open to fanart of characters with fairy wings. ^_-


namie said...


Otakowen said...

Ohhh, i never knew of the old meaning before. That's definitly an awesome choice for a name, i like it a lot. ^.^

Alisa said...

I'm wowed and so happy my drawing was useful.
Hope we get to see more of the Jisei series sometime!

yuri said...

The name seems very informative of what the story will be. Might I make a suggestion? Can the meaning of the word be present on the title screen, dictionary style?

That'd be cool, right? Right? :-D