Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mini A-KON 2012

Photo taken by Kyoko. Many thanks!
First convention of the year. Yeaaaaah! Also the first convention with Winter in Fairbrook physical copies*. It was only a one-day convention, but you guys managed to pack in three days of fun into it. We didn't get to run a panel this time, but it was fun talking about VNs with everyone who came by. Thanks to all the fans who dropped by to say hi as well! It was also my first time eating kimchee french fries. That was pretty crazy. o.o Melted cheese and kimchee are a bizarre combination. o__o

Please Anime made a neat little video that summed up the events of the con. It's got a bit of sakevisual in it, and a snippet from the voice actor panel with Micah Solusod, voice of Naoki Mizutani.

We've got more upcoming cons listed on our site. There are probably a couple more to come this year, so stay tuned.

If you're having trouble with Winter in Fairbrook, the activation code is printed on the disc. Enter it into the "One time Activation Email" slot on the "Buy Now" page.


Unknown said...

One of these years you should come to Kumoricon in Portland, OR. Anyway, wish you luck with all of your conventions!

Samantha said...

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yuri said...

OMG.. Ayu you're so pretty! How about rocking the "contact lenses" look? You'd look even more awesome!

P.S: Yuri = Guy = Me

No girls love here ;-)

namie said...

You really sound like Aki from Kansei! Are you her voice actor? The credits are to "Apphia Yu" or A.Yu... Ayu!

Ayu Sakata said...

@Unknown: I would love to! I'm very fond of the west coast. Let your friends know about our stuff, and we might get a chance to see you. ^_-

@yuri: Thank you. I do wear contacts sometimes. It depends on how lazy I am. D:

@namie: Got it in one!