Monday, September 17, 2012

Suspect Profile - Nathan

Meet Nathan - one of the six suspects in our upcoming murder mystery game, Yousei. Nathan's a grad student at the University of Edgewater, and he's a big fan of the War Stars trilogy (Yes, War Stars).

Even though he likes to joke around a lot, he always seems to get his work done on time. According to his friends, he's a genius who can learn anything the first time around. Did he get bored of academics and take up murder as a new hobby? Find out in Yousei: Pre-orders coming soon!


Anonymous said...

This contains spoilers but I'll try not to spoil much!

I'm confused...In Kansei there's an ending where the Detective calls the protagonist by his name. He calls it out in-front of everyone. (During when Nathan is in the artifacts room with the locked doors and weapon.) Why didn't anyone react to this?

Did the organ company take samples from the protagonists sister whilst she was sick? (They were in care so no-one would know.) Is that how she died? She had powers too right? To tell if someones lying? Did something go wrong in the transplant? Is that why she was killed?

Also was 'Kangai' stolen of tissue skin? Is that how a clone of him was made?

Ayu Sakata said...

The others know that Alex doesn't want to be identified with his past, so even though they heard it, they respect his wishes by continuing to call him Kangai.

As for the rest, any answers would be spoilers. ^_-