Monday, January 14, 2013

Meet the Boys: Benito Kouyama

After an informal twitter survey, "magician," won pretty handily, so meet Benito Zero, one of the four main characters in Backstage Pass:

Name: Benito Kouyama
Stage Name: Benito Zero
Age: 15
Occupation: Street Magician, Misc. Jobs

Benito is a genius kid who developed a passion for magic after seeing a magic show on TV when he was a little boy. Ever since, he's devoted his free time to developing his own tricks. He's intelligent beyond his years, and he excels at reading peoples' emotions. However, he's very new to the game, and he can be impatient about getting his career going. He gives off an aura of being impulsive, but everything he does is calculated and precise.


Anonymous said...

He's a STREET MAGICIAN?! That's even better than a traditional stage magician IMO. Looking forward to this guy.

Anonymous said...

My first reaction: He's not the one with the hat?!?!

LOVE tooaya's art =3 Can't wait for the release!

Alice Avery said...

This looks like a fun game. I'll be looking forward to playing it. Thanks!