Monday, February 18, 2013

Backstage Pass - Meet the Rest

Hey gang! It’s a double feature! Shockingly, there ARE other women in the world of Backstage Pass. Today you get two of them.

Name: Rachel Alexi
Age: 27
Occupation: Camera Operator
A confident, career-oriented woman with aspirations of becoming a professional script writer. Extroverted, quick-witted, and hard working. She’s spent enough time in the industry to make some connections, and she’s currently looking for an agent for her scripts. She has little tolerance for people who do nothing but wait for their “big break,” and she often encourages Sian to speak up for herself.

Name: Celina Harroway
Age: 31
Occupation: Actress
A former child star, Celina is slated to play the lead in Lloyd Newton’s upcoming TV series. She treats everyone respectfully, behaves professionally, and is an excellent actress, but she’s emotionally distant from everyone around her. The gossip rags speak of some wild teenage years, but no one knows if any of it is true.

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J-chan said...

Rachel should be a romance option! * A* She looks great!