Monday, March 4, 2013

Backstage Pass - Final Four

Only four more major characters left to introduce, so let’s get them out in one go. Wooo! They’re all industry related, so it makes sense.

Age: 25
Occupation: Photographer
A photographer who’s grown disillusioned with the entertainment industry. He continues his work because he’s good at it and it pays the bills, but he finds actors, directors, and everyone else in the “biz” to be annoying and self-absorbed.

Name: Nicole
Age: 17
Occupation: Model
A carefree model with a natural beauty and a keen sense of fashion. She and Matthew were hired to do a shoot together, and she’s been interested in him ever since. Extremely territorial.

Name: Allison
Age: 21
Occupation: Actress(?)
An aspiring actress trying to break into television on her own. Energetic, outgoing, and vibrant, but not terribly good at acting. She makes friends easily, and she’s a hard worker, but it might be difficult for her to advance on nothing but enthusiasm.

Name: Madeline
Age: 43
Occupation: Manager, Mother, Pretty Much Everything Else
Former model, and original poster girl for her own line of cosmetics. Madeline had an extremely successful career, and now she expects her son Matthew to do the same. She’ll do whatever it takes to give her son a competitive edge.

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