Saturday, May 10, 2014

Backstage Pass Weekly Update 01

Spent most of this week working on the hidden routes, so not too many screencaps to share. Except the above one, which means exactly what you think it means. The original plan was to release an update with all the routes at the same time, but chances are we'll do one at a time. Also managed to hunt down a few bugs. Fixes will go up with the next beta update.

Also did a little bit of work on our Steam port. If we're lucky, we can get Early Access up for you cool people too. We've got some fun achievements lined up (that may or may not include cupcakes), and I'm trying to figure out trading cards - if anyone has any requests or ideas for trading cards, feel free to leave a comment.

All in all, didn't get as much work done as I had hoped this week, but we look set to have a new route available soon!

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Jamie said...

For the trading cards, you could keep it simple and do a set for Sian and each of the 4 main love interests. :) Like character portraits. That or a Sian card, and then a set of her + each love interest. Sian + Adam, Sian + Benito, etc.

For the badges since there are 5, you could have each of the 5 main cast, with Sian being level 5?

Backstage Pass has a lot of gorgeous CGs already that can be used.

Here is an example of what a completed set looks like:

Completing a set rewards an emoticon and background. Emoticons can be used in steam chat. The backgrounds can be used on steam profiles. There are 5 badges which means it can be mastered 5 times.

I actively play the card game, so you can see an example of my profile which has badges and a background on display:

In my inventory, if you click on "Steam" at the top you can click through all the cards, emoticons, etc.

The Trading Card Game stuff is mostly just for folks that like to collect stuff and add flare to their profiles.

Hopefully this helps!