Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend Update

I haven't updated for awhile, since all I've really been doing this past week is editing. Somehow, I doubt "did more edits today," makes for a very compelling blog post. I will tell you what's all up and cool these days, though.

Editing - Just finished editing Spirited Heart. It's getting a shiny new re-release and I'm excited. It's actually a very clever game, and I'm sure each time through will provide a very different experience. Yuza is totally my favorite guy, because I love cooking. Go figure. I'm also editing another game right now, and that should be done within a week or so. This is also a cool game, but I'll update you all when that's done.

Writing - Still clipping along with Moonsong and Plat du Jour (more on that in later posts). hx2 is on something of a break since my voices and artist are very busy right now. I wonder if it will ever be finished. >.>

Extra - Did some writing/editing/revamping of an old release of mine. Deji and I are going to re-release a game I did awhile back, and it will technically be the first release by "sakevisual." More on that later as well.

New Stuff - I inexplicably decided to join the two-month VN challenge (or whatever it's called). I have a pretty neat team, and we're going to be doing an otome romance game. Because otome romance is FUN. It'll be short and sweet, but I think it'll be fun.

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