Sunday, December 20, 2009

Writer's Comments

Some writers use their work to make political or religious statements. I spread...other opinions. I actually worked in a library for a bit once, and I've read a decent amount. I wouldn't call myself an avid reader, but I know enough to pretend to be. All the books mentioned in The Flower Shop are ones that I've read, although I tried to pick fairly common ones for ease of accessibility's sake.

New BFF? Romantic rival? All-around cute kid? WHO COULD HE BE? (Hint: His name is Jacob). There are rumors, whispers, and possibilities on the wind of The Flower Shop: Girl's Side. Wouldn't you like the option of pursing this adorable boy, or the handsome fellow he's speaking with? YES YOU WOULD. And that means that you should promote The Flower Shop like crazy and make sure that it's really popular. That way, it'll be much more likely for a Girl's Side to be made. No promises. But popularity doesn't lie. >.>

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Deji~ said...

Deji supports The Flower Shop: Girls side >O!!!