Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two Month Challenge Update

Well, it's been a week already, and the team for the whatever the snet this thing is (I honestly still have no clue what it is, but hey I've got a cool team and we're making a game, so it doesn't matter) is doing that thing that we do. Namely, art, writing, and programming. We've been clipping along at a pretty good pace, so now is probably a good time to start dropping hints. The name of the game is Re: Alistair, and it's an otome game. As for whether or not it's an otome romance...well, that remains to be seen. owo Here's a sketch of our lovely heroine, Merui (although she prefers the name Rui). Her hobbies include shopping, procrastinating, and playing Rivenwell Online. Aaaaand I think that's enough information for one day. owo

The game contains 269 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 2693 words,
for an average of 10.0 words per screen.
The game contains 2 menus.

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