Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekly Update

I made a new logo. I'm actually going to KEEP this one instead of make a new one every two days.

Anyway. Time for an update. Now with word counts!

RE: Alistair++
Finished writing for the extended edition. Some new scenes, some updated scenes, hopefully fewer bugs and typos...
Final word count: 23,254

Card Sweethearts
Finished Carla's arc, and getting close to being done with Lisa's. Hers is fairly linear, so it's a little easier to finish. It's a lot of fun, though. After that, one more arc to go and yay!
Current word count: 24,344

Happy Memories
Wrote a few more meeting/intro scenes with some of the characters. This game is pretty varied in terms of how things change based on your actions. There are many different ways to meet the same character, so each time you play, things are really different.
Current word count: 1,970

Ripples Remix
Finished recording for Kuu and had someone in (ha, if you know me, you know who I brought in), to record for Koda. All the vocals and music are now in place. Woo!
Final word count: 1,947


Samukun said...

I didn't know the "sake" in sakevisual referred to the Japanese drink until now. XD

jack norton said...

What is "happy memories" ? :) I never heard about that game before!

Ayu said...

@Samu-kun, technically it's not the drink. XD It's actually salmon, but the general population usually doesn't make the connection, which leads to a lot of confusion in terms of branding. >.>

@jack, it's a raising sim that Nekomura is working on right now. I think they also call it Azalea Town.

jack norton said...

Ahh cool another raising sim! Very interested in that one :)

HồngHoa said...

eh , what is Card Sweethearts ?