Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things that make me Happy

I should update more often, but I don't because I'm usually busy working on the visual novels that I should be updating everyone on. But here's a list of things from the past week or so that make me happy. I'll post word counts later, in case anyone is actually interested in that sort of stuff. XD

-Deji is safe. I was seriously freaking out when I heard about the earthquakes in Chile. But she's safe and I'm happy. This matters not because she's a great artist (although she is!), but because she's wonderful friend. ::cue dramatic music and sparkles::

-H2 voiced edition is coming soon. The voiced release is long overdue, but it's finally coming. I had a lot of fun working on it, and I truly respect and admire the other members of the cast, so I'm looking forward to hearing everything come together.

-RE:A extended edition is going smoothly. As much as I love RE:A, it's nice to be able to clean all the things we had to cut corners on for our first release. It's not going to be a huge upgrade, but it'll be nice to feel like the game is full polished.

-I'm writing again! I love writing!

-I finally made my own custom yes/no screen (see above). Well, I did make one a long time ago when I was working on Plat du Jour, but it was a makeshift one with messy art, and I didn't actually have a full understanding of the code at that time. But this one is pretty, and now I know what I'm doing! I'm also happy because I figured out how to make decent looking water stains on the paper. I know this is probably the least important of all things that make me happy, but it still makes me happy. So there.


Deji~ said...

Sometimes little things makes us very happy C: I should be more grateful and happy about those things myself x'D

And thanks again for caring about me so much ;o; *squeezes* ilu~ <3

Anonymous said...

RE:ALISTAIR : EXPANDED VERSION?! OMG I'M SO HAPPY!! W-will there be voices too? T_T

I really loved that game.....the concept was original and the MC is very kickass as opposed to many female protags that I've seen. And the 3 guys are all very interesting in a way. I do agree to wintermoon about Derek tho....he's my least favorite because the way he acted at the end if you go for Shiro's and Travis' path.

I guess for a suggestion I would love to see a more fleshed out story or scenarios from each characters. like maybe going on dates or meeting more characters.Their parents or some of Merui's friends maybe? Shiro's path makes me want see some kind of resolution regarding his relationship with his parents and I thought his parents would meet at the end. xD

Seeing the characters comment on the clothing Rui's wearing would be nice too because I liked how you guys made the other guys comment on some stuff she bought.

A minigame of some sort would also be interesting I think....or something that can be done inside Rivenwell Online.

Another thing is maybe a more extended ending......? I know it can't be helped that the whole confrontation thing occurs in the same area but it felt like the endings all end abruptly before I immerse myself in them. Like at the end of Shiro's path it finishes the moment she says something like "that would work"....I guess it could easily be fixed by adding some aftermath scene for each path.....? I know I would love to see what they're doing after she got withany of them no matter how short thosesweet cutscenes will. x)

Good luck on the expansion and take your time working on it!! All of us fans would be happy to wait for it no matter what!

HồngHoa said...

RE:ALISTAIR : EXPANDED VERSION?! , wow I 'm so happy about that and Also Deji still is safe ^^