Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hooo~ It's been awhile since I updated. It's not that I haven't been doing work, but more like I've been doing a lot of work. This past week and a half has been dedicated to cranking out RE: Alistair on time. I'm glad that it's finally out. As much as I enjoy the testing and bug catching and filling in extra gaps, writing is my love. And now I'm back to writing. Yaaay! Today I did large amounts of writing for both Card Sweethearts and Happy Memories. It was something of a relief to just get back to writing. I do enjoy the production side of things, but writing is my favorite.

In other news, RE: Alistair has been more of a success than I anticipated, so I'm definitely going to consider making another otome game. We'll see where that goes. No solid plans for now, though. ^_-


jack norton said...

Well there is an otome game you need to do in next months as soon as Deji is back to normal life ;)

Seriously, I get people constantly writing in my blog comments/forums/email asking me for a "girl version" of The Flower Shop!! XD

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just wanted to comment and say that I enjoyed RE: Alistair very much and have also played Flower Shop. I enjoy your writing very much; it is very touching and sweet, with just the right amount of humor.