Sunday, May 23, 2010

Biweekly Poll Talkback

So, after telling everyone that voting in polls matters, I think I should actually open up some sort of discussion area so you guys can expand on your thoughts rather than just leave me a vote. So here you go. The most recent poll was about which "types" in dating sims you rather dislike.

Tsundere 13 (27%)
The tsundere is the girl who never admits her feelings, and defaults to abusing the guy she likes (verbally, physically or in other ways) instead of actually coming out and saying it. I remember a time when the tsundere were very popular, and in small doses, it's an endearing trait. I was never a fan of the overly violent punching version, though.

Yandere 20 (42%)
The yandere is the sweet, innocent, perfect girl who turns out to be a raging psycho with murderous intentions and a crazy laugh. It seems to be a wildly popular type to utilize these days, but apparently nearly half of you guys are tired of it.

Kuudere 5 (10%)
The cool girl with almost no emotions. Apparently quite popular. Or at least not hated.

Dojikko 20 (42%)
The clumsy girl. Sometimes considered adorable for her ability to trip over, fall into, break, or otherwise rain destruction upon everything in the vicinity. I personally never understood the charm of tripping a lot, but I hear it's cute.

Yamato Nadeshiko 20 (42%)
The yamato nadeshiko is the ideal Japanese woman. She's beautiful, quiet, and feminine. She cooks, she cleans, she's probably good at music, and she'll always support you. I'm honestly surprised that that many of you are tired of her. Is it because this type is too boring or something?

Ojou 10 (21%)
The rich lady. Sometimes refined, sometimes arrogant, but always with an aura of being better than the rest of us. I actually thought more people would dislike this type. Interesting.


The current poll is about features you can find in VNs. Do you prefer pure story without much interruption, or would you rather make lots of decisions, even if they aren't entirely relevant to the plot? Is a straight story interesting, or do you like puzzles or stat raising to add a little flavor? Do you like the main character to be set in stone, or would you prefer to customize things like name and appearance? Vote on your preferences, and leave a comment here if you like~


Anonymous said...

-->Tsundere: I kind of like tsundere, but like you said, it's got to be in small doses! I think verbal is fine, but the punching/bullying type gets really, really annoying. (Makes me want to punch the tsundere herself!)
-->Yandere: JUST NO. I've met enough of these, and they kind of scare me.
-->Kuudere: This type is kind of cool--but at times, I would rather have the kuudere blush some more rather than show absolutely no emotion.
-->Dojikko: Like tsundere, cute in small doses, but if the dojikko is used in a story to create ALL the comic reliefs/humor, then the story itself kind of sucks.
-->Yamato Nadeshiko: You're right--it's a little boring to have this person support you all the time. However, I think they sometimes play a good role in stories as a back-up/supporting character.
-->Ojou: I don't like ojou characters because I don't like arrogant characters that someone could "just fall in love" with.


-->Story: It would be nice to have more epilogues and/or scenes in the story because I want to see more how my choice in the game will actually unfold.
-->Decisions: I go crazy with these because I think too many steps ahead and try to explore too many possibilities. However, this is probably the most inescapable aspect of the game...
-->Minigames/Puzzles: Increases the fun to the story :)
-->Stat Raising: I'm not a big fan of this because I feel that the whole game seems to be centered around this one aspect. I feel like I'm doing the same routine over and over again just to improve a stat.
-->Character Customization: If this isn't too hard to program, I feel this would be fun! Variety is always great :)

Whiner said...

I know when I hear the phrase "yamato nadeshiko" I tend to expect someone overly perfect and sweet... and kinda dull. It's an unfair statement because a nice girl can be quite interesting as well, but that particular phrase makes me think of Kasumi Tendo or something. And she (in her traditional fanfic guise) is not someone I want to see as a game heroine. For one thing, if you like her and she likes you, where's the necessary drama going to come from?

On the other hand, the mask of perfection secretly struggling with angst and inner turmoil is much more fun! :)

Datie said...

I don't really have any problems with tsunderes in small doses, is she's just awkwardly trying to compensate for not knowing how to act around her love interest, but it gets annoying when her plan seems to be to throw punches to express her love. Mostly unrelated, but it also bothers me when people call a character "tsundere" when really she's just self-confident.

I think the problem with the yandere type is that she works best when it's a surprise or a twist. I believe the interesting part about her is that it's playing off the cliche of the sweet, innocent girl, who ends up being the complete opposite, and introducing an element of mortal danger in a genre that focuses more on spending time with cute girls. The problem is that now that this character type is popular, players begin to get used to the twist, and there's very little she has to offer in terms of personality. Most players won't be able to relate to her regardless of the kind of murderous sadist she turns into. Personally, I see no difference between the girl with the knife and the girl with the hatchet.

I'd like to see a kuudere character have sudden bouts of an emotion other than embarrassed. It'd be a nice change.

I'd like to see an apathetic dojikko character who doesn't care when things get knocked over. It'd be a funny change.

Unless she's very uncomfortable with the role, the Yamato Nadeshiko would probably make for a boring major character. She has no faults, and no reason to change, so her Yamato Nadeshiko-ness would have to take a back seat to a different personality, or have a strong outside conflict. Alternatively, I think she could work as an older, wiser, mentor, or some kind of advice giver.

I'm mixed on the Ojou. If she's arrogant because she's from a rich family, then she's annoying. However, I think it's more interesting if she has the talent and intelligence to back up her ego.

titi said...

i want character customization and good story! :D

mong said...

...I don't know, I always liked the Yamato Nadeshiko, because I always assumed deep down, she isn't that perfect. 8'D

I like the idea of Character customization! I'm a geek for loads of decisions and endings. XD I think stat raising works best when it's not a conscious part of the game-playing. If that makes any sense. XD

Heather said...

I like the Yandere types. :)

And also, I would LOVE to make my own characters and have lots of decisions. It makes me feel like it's ME in the game; it's ME the characters like. But you're games are always wonderful however you make them.