Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pencils Ready

Or tablets, or whatever it is you use. With Jisei's release fast approaching, I'm looking for ways to promote sakevisual AND make the game more affordable for all you wonderful sakefans. So we're staring with a call for fanart. Really. I confess, I'm a total sucker for fanart. It makes me ridiculously happy to see fanart of sakevisual's characters. So much so, that I am handing out a 25% discount code for Jisei to anyone who sends me fanart sometime in the next two weeks. Really.

1.) Fanart must be of one or more eligible characters. Eligible characters include any character from RE: Alistair++, Jisei, Ripples, or sakevisual's mascot character, Kurara.

2.) Fanart must be freshly made for this promotion. No using old stuff.

3.) By submitting your art, you give sakevisual the right to make your art freely available on websites, social networks, or print media. Sakevisual will never sell your art, and you, the artist, will retain the rights to it.

4.) I reserve the right to refuse you a discount code for any reason, but I probably won't. Really, as long as you're not stealing someone else's art or drawing a stick figure and labeling it "Kurara," you'll be fine.

5.) Entries will be accepted through June 19th. Send them to ayu@sakevisual.com


mong said...

Hahaaa, I've always wanted to try some fanart for sakevisual stuff, and now I have the incentive to! XD I'll see if I have enough time to send something in soon :O

Anonymous said...

I may do some fanart! It sounds fun, and I've been meaning to draw some Re:Alistair stuff :D
(I can't promise it'll be mega good though :'D)

Anonymous said...

Suh-weet, I was in the mood for drawing. But does the coupon ever expire? Cuz I probably won't be getting the money for the game anytime soon.

Ayu said...

The coupon won't expire, but it only works on Jisei.

Latecome said...

Umm I know I'm really late in seeing this but do you still accept fan art in exchange for a 25% discount code? If yes, I'd be more than happy to do fanart of Jisei or Re:Alistair, since I really want to get a copy of Jisei ;u;

Ayu Sakata said...

@Latecome: Sure, I don't mind. XD Despite the deadline, I'm really not that strict. >.>