Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eight reasons why you should plug RE: A++

Be popular like Derek! Tell your friends about RE: Alistair++!

Shameless promotion ahoy! Leave now if you don't want to be indoctrinated. XD

Hey, sakefans! You should plug RE: Alistair++ to all your friends (as well as your acquaintances, and complete strangers). I'd be dearly grateful to you if you did, but if that's not enough of a reason to do it, I've compiled a handy list of reasons why you should. Additions to the list are welcome. XD

1.) It's free.
This is an obvious one. It's a free game! And who doesn't like free stuff? Your friends will thank you for giving them a free thing.

2.) It's easy.
Seriously. All it takes is a quick link on your facebook or twitter, a post on a forum, or a quick note to a friend on the IM of your choice. You don't have to buy any special kits or call a toll free number. You can promote it, sitting right in front of your computer!

3.) Team Travis, Team Shiro, and Team Derek.
Sure, Edward has nice skin, but Travis can cook, Shiro won't leave you, and Derek doesn't sneak into your bedroom at night.

4.) Great dating practice!
Ladies, worried about your first date? Try a dating sim first! Gentlemen, not sure what a girl wants? RE: Alistair++ drops you right inside the mind of a girl. Now you know!

5.) Hours of enjoyable debate.
Because nothing gets a party going like a Shiro vs. Travis vs. Derek debate. Get your friends involved, or you'll look odd debating with just yourself. : (

6.) More support for sakevisual = More free games.
The more players, fans, and support we get, the more free games we can produce.

7.) More conventions.
The more fans sakevisual gets, the more likely we are to show up at YOUR local convention (Did you know that you can request guests at a con? Check out your local con's forum for more details!). More conventions means more free giveaways (like the coveted RE:A++ stickers), more discounted games, and more hanging out with Ayu (That's cool, right? >.>).

8.) Otome games need more love.
Otome games are still a largely unknown genre, even among anime fans. There's no better way to get your friends hooked than a free game. RE: Alistair++ is like the gateway drug of otome games. Except it's good for you.


Anonymous said...

lol, I like this post :) I think more otome games should get out there! (There are too many "guy" games D:)

Anyways, I'll be spreading the word about Alistair++ :D

Anonymous said...


Thankfully, I've plugged the game already. xD Two of my friends have played and one has gone on to buy Jisei. But I must say, it's much easier to convert for your games than anything else I've tried converting people to.

Anonymous said...

Is there a chance for you to release a version three of this game with voice acting and stuff? : D

Kaeru Ranawa said...

I have a local manga club, and I know the admin pretty well, so I'm going to convince them to have a visual novel themed day and show your games, since they're awesome and free. :D