Saturday, June 19, 2010

indieDB Contest - Show your love and win!

Hey sakefans! As if these eight reasons weren't enough, a ninth reason to plug RE:A++ has appeared! The lovely new website, indieDB is hosting a couple of really fun contests right now. You could even win $150 just for telling the world about your favorite indie game! Now, I don't wanna put any pressure on you or anything, but wouldn't it be great if you won by promoting a sakevisual game? (I am not a subtle person.) Not only would you win $150, but sakevisual would also be awarded $150, which would go towards developing more free games.

The rules are simple. Post somewhere (anywhere!) on the web about your favorite game and link to the game's profile on indieDB. Then email a link or screencap to for a chance to win.

The two games we have on indieDB are:
-RE: Alistair++

According to the rules, "entries will be judged on popularity, originality and creativity..." I know you guys are some of the most creative people out there, since I've already seen some great fanart and even a youtube video about sakevisual. Draw more fanart, make videos, write a haiku about how RE:A++ changed your life, or do something completely different! When you're done, post it here so the rest of us can see how cool it is too.

Remember, this contest is hosted by indieDB (not sakevisual), and that you have to link to the indieDB page for the game of your choice (not the sakevisual page, although you could do both), in order to enter. Go here for the complete rules.


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming this isn't available to outside the US? D;

Ayu said...

I actually don't know, but I don't think it's limited. A lot of indie games aren't made in the US, so it would be difficult if something made outside of the US was the one that "won." And if a game from outside the US can win, a fan from outside the US can probably win, too.

Anonymous said...

Nope its open to anyone, after all ModDB and IndieDB are international sites.

Anonymous said...

♥♥ I loved your game Alistair++!!!!! ♥♥
Sorry if I'm doing this wrong. I have never really been to a blog so I'm not so positive that this is the right place to say all this but I really loved your game and wanted to let you know, I want to play more of them. So please make them for macs and I hope i can see you at A-kon again to buy them!