Monday, August 30, 2010

Biweekly Poll - This Blog Needs More...

Woo! This poll was pretty straightforward. We had 129 votes, and pretty much everyone agrees.

This blog needs more...
Sketches - 65 (50%)
Progress Updates - 116 (89%)
Photos of Stuff - 30 (23%)
Video - 22 (17%)
Cookies - 31 (24%)

I have heard your cries. Expect an update shortly (like in a few minutes). And from now on, I declare every Wednesday to be "Wordcount Wednesday," a day set aside for me to give you the word count of one of the visual novels we're currently working on. The one you get will change each week, but it'll be a semi-useful way for you to know how far along we are. Of course, that only counts words, with nothing about art, music, or anything else in the VN, but at least you'll get a little peek into things.


Next up! I've gotten a lot of requests for tutorials on making VNs. I'll be happy to whip up a few basic ones, but I'd like to know what you're most interested in learning. So poll away~


Anonymous said...

I... would be interested in how you map out your stories/routes. Basically, developing a VN story. What's your process?

Since I believe you're primarily a writer, and I'M primarily a writer, but I find writing for VNs more difficult - radically different from normal fictional writing in fact. Some tips would be nice. I don't know how you'd do the tut, though? A huge blog post? xD

Illy said...

Agreed with the above. The most difficult part about a VN, of course, is going to be the one thing that's unique to VN's: Non-linear writing. Coding and art-making are abundant enough skills where if you can't do it yourself, you can eventually hire someone who can (Meaning of course not to belittle these trades, though. If you're able to make a living off of art, you are what most people like to call "A badass," as it is a difficult thing to do. XD And I've had far too much experience with coding to say that it's lulzeasy, and doesn't make you want to put a couple of dents in the wall with your forehead on a regular basis). Non-linear writing, however... Who can honestly say that they're trained in something like that?