Monday, August 30, 2010

Kansei - We're Not Dead Yet!

"Everyone's going to think I'm dead if you don't update!"

Progress update ahoy! For those who have played Jisei (or even those of you who haven't), you probably know that it's the first chapter in a series. The question on everyone's lips is "When will the next chapter be out!?" The answer is "Not yet." But we ARE hard at work on it. We've gotten some wonderful feedback on the first chapter, and we're striving to incorporate your thoughts into the second chapter to make an even better game. A huge thanks to everyone for all the comments, constructive criticism, and amazing support. Here are a few tidbits about the second chapter for you to enjoy.

Tidbit #01: The name of the game will be "Kansei." (Spelled as
感性 for those of you who are curious.)

Tidbit #02: Kansei will be significantly longer than Jisei. A lot of people felt that Jisei was too short, so the next chapter will have a lot more meat to it. It will be longer on a single play through, and it will have more endings (that aren't terrible, bad, dying endings). Keep in mind that this also means it will take us significantly longer to complete. >.> But hey! More game!

Tidbit #03: We're getting the band back together! If you liked the art or the music in Jisei, then you'll be pleased to know that Kansei is bringing back the same artist and composer. Woooooo~!

More tidbits on the way, but that should hopefully whet your appetite.


jack norton said...

Cool :)
But why change the name? Or does the new name has another meaning?

Lilith said...

Yay~ ♥ I'm happy that you guys are finally getting work on the sequel. Kansei... I like that name. ;D It's nice that the original artist and composers are back again. It wouldn't feel the same without them. Just a quick question. Will we need to pay for this like that last one?

Anonymous said...

Great, will definitely be looking forward to it :)

I do not regret buying the first one at all, in spite of its "short"comings (bwahaha, that wasn't funny at all.... ^^; )

CaesMRaenes said...

That picture made me chuckle a truckload. You should have Deji draw more simple expressions like that just for fun. (>: , D: , :D , etc.) You really made my day with this news. :D

Ayu Sakata said...

@jack: I wanted each chapter to have a unique name instead of calling it something like "Jisei 2." All the names are relevant to the story.

@Lilith: Each chapter will be $15, although the plan is for each one to get longer as it goes.

@hinoyabu: It's okay; I laughed. XD

@CaseMRaenes: I laughed (out loud!) when I saw Deji's sketch. The D< bit just makes it.

Ren said...

This is just a sketch, so it's possibly premature to say (since it seems to me that Deji is usually better at sketches than in the finalised piece of artwork), but it seems to me she also took to heart some comments she got.

There's still stuff that could be improved upon, but I was certainly favourably impressed by this first sketch - keep going in this direction, and you can be certain you'll have made a good leap forward, quality-wise.

And if you did the same with the story, you may even make me change my mind about buying the second chapter. :P

Ryuushiro said...

I'm SO SO SO glad you guys kept Deji as artist!

She is the best, really! <3
And same composer?! Wonderfull! I guess we will have the same dark feeling that we had with Jisei :3

shiori said...

This makes me very happy.