Monday, October 25, 2010

Biweekly Poll - Genres

Ooh, mysterious drawing is mysterious! >.> This round was a rehash, but a useful one nonetheless. We talked about genres we like. With 219 votes, we definitely have a better take than last time.

Slice of Life
102 (46%)
117 (53%)
47 (21%)
Historical Fiction
57 (26%)
98 (44%)
173 (78%)
65 (29%)

Sadly (or happily?) cookies are more popular than sci-fi and historical fiction. I wonder why Doctor Who is so popular. >.> Again, romance and fantasy lead the way. I guess that means I should think about doing a fantasy sometime. XD Do you prefer "high fantasy" like with elves, dragons, and magic, or more subtle fantasy like princes and princesses without much magic or things like that?


New poll asks you which digital extras you like the most. I really enjoy putting bonus material in games, but time and budget constraints mean that I have to pick and choose what goes in. What bonus content do you like the most? I'm especially interested in hearing ideas that aren't on the list.


Anonymous said...

Man, I want them all. xD

Okay, there's really only one expected one that I feel like every charging VN should I have. I mean... it comes standard. Otherwise, you're gonna get RAGE from me. That is, of course, a CG GALLERY.

Close behind that in terms of MUST HAVE is a completion bonus, be it unlockable endings or a bonus after a full complete. This is basically because I strongly feel that there should be some reward for player patience. Though I prefer unlockable ending over bonus scene.

You didn't mention secret characters/ endings, but I LOVE them. Easter Eggs like that are kinda awesome for the observant, or hardcore. I loved the bonus scene for the Re:A guys when you score really high.

Basically, I feel you should reward a dedicated player.

Also, I love me an Ending Gallery
(I know usually you know you get all the endings when the CG gallery is full, and a lot of games do it like that too, so I put them together, but I do really enjoy a separate gallery a la Tokimeki, where you can play back your endings. But just a simple list for me to keep track is nice, especially if not every ending has a CG. Obviously if there aren't many endings, this is useless.)

Sketches, artist and writer's notes are cool, but I can live without, to be frank. Though actually, have you ever played Wadjet Eye Games? They all have this cool commentary mode. That'd be UBER cool, though how feasible for you I don't know (but you're already a voice actor, right? I'd pay extra if the commentary covers the entire game).

Yeah, I'll stop rambling. xD A discount code for your next game would be an awesome bonus, too. lol. Anyway, thanks.

PS. I prefer high fantasy myself, but they're super hard to pull of well in VNs. You need a huge art budget, and the VN would have to be very long to create an immersive game environment. But I do hate faux medievalism... I expect a complex well-defined world. Otherwise, don't go there. (Unless it's free, in which case I take anything). Maybe you could try a kind of fairy-tale atmosphere? That's a little easier to pull off while still appealing to fantasy fans. But I prefer Slice of Life all around. xD

tooaya said...

I'm thinking more of an event gallery than ending gallery...since sometimes there are events in the game that might be more attractive than the ending itself.

Anonymous said...

High fantasy is my personal favorite, I would love for it to include magic of somekind if nothing else.

Riviera said...

My favorites are both high fantasy (magical races, different worlds, religions, social structures) and low fantasy (our world, modern or historical, with a touch of magic/otherness).