Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wordcount Wednesday -

I'm sure it's still Wednesday SOMEWHERE out there (it's not). I swear I'll get into this rhythm eventually. Maybe I should mark all the Wednesdays on my calendar or something. As it stands, I keep waking up on Thursday (or sometimes Friday) and realizing "Oops. I didn't post a wordcount." But at least I'm updating weekly! Winter in Fairbrook currently weighs in at 13,056 words. I've been playing with the sprites this week, and they're really, really pretty. If we can get some backgrounds done, I'll even post some screencaps sometime. : D

1 comment:

jack norton said...

Yes sprites are awesome. Maybe when you write about Steve you can post screenshots since the few snow background you have are farm snowhouse, town snowhouse and... I think nothing else ^_^;

(why I have constantly to kick artists butt!!?)