Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Biweekly Poll - Voiced Games

A nice 239 votes for this round. Much love to you all. The question of the hour is "Voiced games?" And the answers are:

89 (37%)
No, thank you.
24 (10%)
Either way is fine.
142 (59%)
Not if it takes longer to release the game.
63 (26%)

Thankfully, you're all kindly relaxed about whether or not the game is voiced. Of course, those who dislike voices always have the fantastic option to turn voices off (yay). It seems that there is a preference towards having a voiced game over a non-voiced one, though. That's cool - I really do enjoy adding voices to the VNs if I can, so for now I'll continue to include voices whenever it's reasonable. If it delays the release too much or makes the game too expensive, I'll cut them out, though.


Next poll is a reprise, but I got fewer than 100 votes for it last time (it's from a while back). So...back to genres. Which would you like to see more of?


Niel S. said...

This is very good news for people like me who are looking to do more original voice-over work. I had actually e-mailed you on July 18 of this year with an inquiry. I know you warned you wouldn't respond right away but..I figured I'd at least mention it here. =]

Best to you on your future projects, Ayu!

mong said...

...Man, it's hard to vote on this poll when you pretty much enjoy all the genres 8D *shotdead&

xavim2000 said...

My views are rather simple on voiced games. Like them somewhat but rather have them not voiced for the time spent on the game itself and things for it.

I can read faster then what the voices say so it is just a pain to me when I am in a story and they talk when I am moving along as I rather not mute it.