Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Playtesters Needed for [text]

Hey all~ I'm bumping Wordcount Wednesday (again) to let you know that I've finished writing a new (short) sound novel and I'm looking for a few good people to playtest it for me before the release. The novel is called [text] - A Summer Story. The gameplay looks like it does in the screencap above - no character sprites or CGs or any of the usual stuff you'd see. Just a phone and some photos.

I'm looking for people to check for bugs, typos, and just to generally make sure that everything works the way it should. The game itself is about half an hour worth of playtime depending on how easy it is for you to get all the endings, so it shouldn't take much of your time, but you will have to actually play it sometime today or tomorrow. This game is for people who are interested in mysteries and psychological stuff.

If you are interested in playtesting, please fill out this form:


Mirage said...

[Text] is the first game I played from you. I would really love to try it.

hermyon said...

Aaah, I know this game *3* So this is a remake of "Text" ? <3 I would have been glad if we could have seen the characters but it would maybe lose the mystery feeling right ...?
I'm looking forward to it *w*

xavim2000 said...

Pity I missed the sign up day for testing this out. Can't wait for it to come out as it sounds like a fun game.