Monday, November 22, 2010

Biweekly Poll - Physical Extras

The above screencap is from Koenchu, a doujin game by Zero Zigen. I capped it because it made me giggle a little (I know, I'm childish), and I like posting random whatnot for the biweekly polls.

This was the most fun poll for me, because I'm a total sucker for extra stuff. I love buying collector sets and limited edition boxes just for the bonus books, stickers, CDs, and all that extra stuff.

Mini Artbook
158 (76%)
49 (23%)
70 (33%)
47 (22%)
105 (50%)
84 (40%)
Small Pin
72 (34%)
45 (21%)
18 (8%)

Mini artbooks are probably the thing I like the least, so it's a good thing I ran this poll, since mini artbooks ruled over everything else pretty handily. I really like the idea of making an artbook/guidebook as an extra. And hey, I'll probably throw in a sticker for good measure.


Next poll talks about non-human characters. Which do you like to see? Or do you think they're all overrated and I should do something involving mermabeasts? For the record, I'm thinking of characters in a general sense, not necessarily as a romanceable character.


Deji~ said...

making a mini-artbook+guidebook should be fairly easy; just using the in-game art, throwing some concept sketches and adding a bit of extra art would do; that's what the VN Visual Books do and they look very pretty C:

As for the newest poll,
I'm a complete sucker for elves. I have a fondness for deities and I quite like Angels and demons, even if they're kind of cliché.
On another note, I like shapeshifting dragons and other mythical beings, but you already know that xD;

Edward said...

Extremely overrated. I'd stick with humans. I hate when people spend more time developing the fantasy world than the damn plot and characters within it. If I wanted an in-depth explanation of that kind of thing I'd watch Avatar or Lord of the Rings or something.

Then again I'm kind of anti-fantasy, so....

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE an artbook and guidebook. Oh please make one and come to a convention I go to so I can buy one! (Either that or sell them online. ^0^ Though actually, lots of people have been packaging virtual walkthroughs with their game. Maybe you can package that together with the download? -But then you can't have it as an ingame reward... Hm...)

Newest poll, second everything deji says. I have SUCH a fondness for elves, deities, angels and demons. Especially angels and demons. They're so romantic, with such potential to speak to human nature, but I don't think any great VN has come out exploiting that expect.

Also, can I ask how you download Koenchu demo? The website is so confusing, and I've been wanting to try forever to get a taste of the trans before buying.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you ran that last poll! Artbooks and guidebooks are what I covet most, and if there were a combination of the two for one of your visual novels, I'm certain to buy it!

As for the new poll regarding non-human characters, most of them are overrated, in my opinion, but I still enjoy VNs that have them, even more so if they're creative with character design and story. Out of the list, I prefer angels and demons and deities most. Good against evil is classic!

Ayu Sakata said...

@Anonymous01: The demo is on - just search for "Koenchu" and it'll show up.

SelphyClark (Not really!~) said...

Disembodied sprits (just sounds cools Already idea yay!~)

Time travelers ( movie references )

Ordinary Humans ( There is plently to do with this)

Yandere ( no loved much T-T)

Online (take from it what you will )

people of mental or physical disablitys ( endless possibilities)

Fae said...

I personally think faeries--not the sexless, Disney type, but the darker type--could be amazing in a VN if done well, along with angels and demons and people with animal ears.

Anonymous said...

I never really cared for non-human creatures but Satyrs have a special place in my heart. They're so underrated.

I don't mind androids, though. They're kinda cool.

Juxtaposition said...

As far as the whole nonhuman thing
goes, I think you should go with whatever concept happens to float your particular boat. It's all well and good for a writer to give me what I want, but it's even better to get something delightful that I wasn't expecting.

The best way to provide that experience to a reader is to write about an idea that you're especially passionate and excited about. That sort of energy can even enliven overused ideas like animal-eared humanoids or (God help us) vampires.

Imagination Tempation said...

The non human characters I like really much is probably Deities.

I always stick to human in making my stories (since a lot can be created from this simple creature), but deities, gods, goddesses has taken a lot of influence in my stories. I like myths involving gods and goddesses, so yeah.

Little Ramyun said...

I like robots. That is all.

K said...

I want.... talking animals. <33

No, seriously. Animals are awesome. You should also throw in a few talking inanimate objects. Like... a talking teddy bear. Or a tree.

It really depends on what kind of story you're doing though. :)