Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Something or other Wednesday

Starring the ACTION MYSTERY COOKIE drawn by Stranger from Transplanted Liver.

I was rather busy last week due to the National Holiday, but I've been up to a lot since then working for sakevisual and doing things with other fantastic VN groups. A lot of things are still in the very early stages of production, so I can't give away much right now, but I do like to drop hints here and there in the blog, twitter, and my choice of forum avatar. >.> Here are some things that you can look forward to coming sooner rather than later:

-Winter in Fairbrook: The sister dating sim to Winter Wolves' The Flower Shop. Writing is somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 complete, and the artwork is coming along beautifully. Release date is likely between late December and January.

-Oneiro: Another free otome game from sakevisual. The writing is nearly complete, and two out of five sprites are finished. Thanks to loving donations from viewers like you, all the boys in this game will be voiced. I'm still not sure when this will be done, but we're moving at a fair pace, so that's pleasing.

-Kansei: The second chapter in the Jisei series. Currently with three endings you'll want to get, and a few more that you probably won't. I don't have any finished screens for you yet, but we're working on streamlining some of the navigation, and integrating suggestions from the last game. We're currently slated for an early summer 2011 release.


Anonymous said...

sounds fun ! :D will winter in fairbrook be free or commercial? looking forward to em ! :D

Anonymous said...

B-b-but there's no word count!!

xD I'm so excited for all three of these games, you don't even understand. Your update gives me hope Winter in Fairbrooks will be out in time as a happy Christmas present for me. ^.^

Mako said...

I'm so excited about these stuff! I really want to get Kansei when it releases! Is there going to be a discount if you buy it after it releases?