Monday, December 6, 2010

Biweekly Poll - Nonhuman Types

Unrelated image is unrelated. Actually, it's a piece I was planning on using for hanamix2, but it clashes with the sprites, so I've got someone doing new backgrounds. The sprites are super cute, BTW. Maybe I'll post one on Wednesday?

Our latest poll covered nonhuman characters. I asked what sort of characters you like strictly in a character sense, and not necessarily as a romance option.

117 (51%)
26 (11%)
Animal Ear Types
101 (44%)
65 (28%)
108 (47%)
138 (61%)
82 (36%)
37 (16%)
Other (Leave Comments)
16 (7%)

Tastes leaned heavily towards the ethereal unknown over sci-fi options (aliens, androids). Poor sci-fi. Comments also suggested faeries and satyrs, which are both most excellent. This poll was largely a curiosity poll for me. While this may bloom into something one day, I'd have to be crazy to start a new project now. >.>


The current poll is fairly relevant. Do you like lots of games coming out regularly, or would you rather wait for something longer and with more gameplay? A small game is something like [text]. A medium-length game is something like RE:A++. A long game in chapter installments would be Ripples (oops, did I just tip my hand?). As for a long game, I mean something that will be several hours on the first playthrough that might take a year or more to produce. Something akin to the Japanese releases. I know that RE:A++ is still really short by Japanese VN standards, but they have full teams to work on this stuff. So yeah. Medium length for us kids.


Anonymous said...

Realistically and probably most profitable for you would probably be medium-length games. However, what I would PREFER is long length games. There's enough time to explore everything, and I don't like chapters because I end up not remember anything and it being very short and unsatisfying in general. Hit me all at once!

But you can't go all year with only one release. Your fans will forget. So probably middle-length is best, and I think with enough skill depth can be woven in.

GDI said...

I agree the long length game where you put all your efforts in one basket is best for a magnum opus or last hurrah type of work... all the people / groups I know that are working on 1-2 year projects indicate that they will disband or retire after release of said work. That includes myself as well.

This is more than a hobby for you and you want this to sustain indefinitely, so you must keep a diverse portfolio.

Anonymous said...

I think you can maintain interest with free games that are short-medium in length, but commercial releases should be longer than your free games, though you'd probably still want to go with a goal of one per year. You have to be careful with series type games, as you may not be able to sell the second game as well as the first.