Thursday, December 9, 2010

RE: Alistair++ Artbook

Thursday. Curses! I was so close to Wednesday, too. I've been doing a lot of catching up this week, updating the site, putting together a con schedule (coming soon!), and finally putting the coveted artbook up for sale on Lulu. The book features art from the game, along with several original pieces illustrated by tooaya, some guest art from others, and a short story about Rui and Fiona. It's $20 USD, so it's like buying a set of art prints for less than a dollar apiece. Use the code HOLIDAY305 by Dec.12th (2010) to get free ground shipping in the US.

Get the RE:A++ artbook now!


Anonymous said...

I want this sooo bad, but shipping overseas makes everything so ridiculously unreasonable, price-wise.

Anonymous said...

I saw the description on the artbook and I want to ask....

How many pages are in game art?
How many pages are original never-before-seen pieces?
And how many are guest artwork and by who?

It only says it includes29 pages of them all together. ^^;?