Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Biweekly Poll - Rivenwell Class

Whoa, with 288 votes this might be one of the most even polls I've seen in a long time. It's also the most votes we've gotten yet. That's cool. Plenty of lovely angels among us. I'm glad to hear that. XD Which Rivenwell class would you play? I'm curious to know why you picked the one you did. I think I'd play a Knight, but that's because I really like to hack away at stuff with a sword. XD

57 (19%)
58 (20%)
93 (32%)
80 (27%)


For those of you following sakevisual on twitter, you'll know that I'm currently prepping some tutorials. I'll be including a few involving prepping graphics as well, so I'd like to know which art programs you use.


Deji~ said...

I chose Angel because I always default to healer/buffer by default no matter the game I play xD;
If you had an archer class of some sort, I would have picked that as my second option 8D
*is a walking cliche*

Kiri said...

I've got Photoshop Elements at the moment, but I also have GIMP installed, as well as a version of SAI on my Windows partition. I figure as long as there's no super special filter or something, you can do pretty much the same thing on all graphic art programs.

As for Rivenwell, I'd be a knight. I've got this thing for crushing opponents. xD

Jen said...

I chose Angel as well due to my healing tendencies XD I also prefer magic classes.

Anonymous said...

I'd choose demon because they are cool :D And I'm not good at magic...