Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Update Wooo!

Yay, another actual update on a Wednesday! Deji's hard at work drawing some beautiful romance CGs, but showing those would be cheating, so have a picture of Jacob instead. That looks like an awfully comfy sweater.


Anonymous said...

Gah! Jacob looks like... the nameless guy from Jisei! Coincidence? I think not~

Black Cat said...

I think Jacob looks very cute in that sweater ^_^
I can't wait for the new game.
You work so hard, Ayu-san~

Hitata~ said...

Jacob looks so much like the guy from Jisei! Did they mean to draw him as a bishounen?

Deji~ said...

Hey, guys, it's the artist here! Jacob and Jisei's MC having similar hairstyles is just a coincidence, they were actually both designed by other artists before me, and I just drew them in my style for the games ^^;