Thursday, February 10, 2011

Maybe we should rename it to "Apology Thursday"

The less I update, the more work I'm getting done. It also makes it look as if I'm not getting any work done at all. orz

Anyway, hello! Another update for all you patient readers out there. Two things on the horizon that should make you happy:

-Winter in Fairbrook reaches a milestone. Nearly all the art assets are complete. We still have one CG and a few backgrounds to go, but the art is definitely close to being done. After that, there's still the actual gardening sim (along with some other modifications) and about 1/3 more of the story to write. But hey, art! Rock on.

-Planet Stronghold is nearly complete. Planet Stronghold is an RPG by Winter Wolves, and I've been working a little bit on it lately doing editing and casting and directing the voices for the battle scenes. The game is very very close to completion, and I'm looking forward to seeing it done, at least so I can hear all the voices in action. XD

Anyway, I promise I'll have a real word count for you next week. Things have been very much spread out over planning new things and doing writing for other projects that I'm not allowed to mention yet.

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