Monday, May 23, 2011

Biweekly Poll Feedback

Mmm...biweekly polls. My favorite time(s) of the month! Somewhat predictably, the most popular game we've done thus far is RE:A++. It was really interesting to see the thoughts on the other games, though. Poor MagiCos. : ( I'm actually pleasantly surprised that Jisei ranked second, as it's part of the Green Tea Line, and thus has fewer players overall. I secretly hope that Kansei unseats it and people like it even more. (Hm...not much of a secret if I just told you that, huh?)

RE: Alistair++
  166 (75%)
  77 (35%)
  48 (21%)
  38 (17%)
My Magical Cosplay Cafe
  32 (14%)

And from before, I asked what sort of stuff you absolutely did not want to see in a visual novel. Shooting Games took the crown, and I agree with that, mostly because my reflexes are woefully inept. It seems that most people wouldn't mind minigames of some sort, but puzzles are less popular. Interestingly, nearly a fourth of you guys don't like stat raising. It is the same one fourth of people who didn't pick RE:A++ as their favorite game? XD

  91 (23%)
Stat Raising
  93 (24%)
  53 (13%)
Turn Based Fighting
  119 (31%)
Realtime Fighting
  175 (45%)
Shooting Games
  264 (69%)


I'll be heading out to Hamacon in a couple weeks, and A-KON afterwards, so now seems like the perfect time to ask about your convention-going habits. Oh, and if you'll be at either of these cons, let me know. : D


Alyss said...

I think your percentages are off. o.o They add up to over 100...

I haven't gotten around to playing MagiCos yet, but maybe this summer. xD I actually loooove puzzles, but they have to be cleverly placed so that they don't seem like they're coming out of nowhere. Also, it's kind of a tall order, but stat raising has to be not so repetitive in order for me to like it. xD

Ayu Sakata said...

Yeah, they do. People can vote on more than one thing, so it's possible for one person to check of multiple boxes.