Monday, July 11, 2011

Kansei Complete!

Yay, Kansei's out! ::keels over:: I think I need to go sleep now. XD But let's talk about the important stuff first.

You can get it here, should you so desire: 

And the demo is available on LemmaSoft and the official site.

If you're looking for discounts, details follow:

1.) Donation: If you donated to the Support Japan project, there's a discount code headed your way. Please check the email address that you used when you donated the money. If you don't see a code within 24 hours, email me from that account. You cannot email me from a different account. It's the only way I can verify that you're the same person who actually donated.

2.) Fanart: If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know that fanart makes my little heart melt. To that end, I'm holding a Jisei/Kansei fanart contest. Draw any character(s) from either Jisei or Kansei and email me the image or a link to your image by July 23rd. The winner(s) will receive a code for any sakevisual game free (works on future games as well). All entrants will receive a code for 15% off Kansei. Winners will be determined by vote.

3.) Blog it: Write a blog post of 250 words or more containing your thoughts on the demo and which of the characters' powers you'd want the most (and why) before July 16th, and I'll give you a 15% off code.

4.) Social: Follow us on twitter and facebook. I'll be posting limited use codes this week and holding a RT raffle.

Shamelessly lifted from Deji's tumblr.


Mirage said...

Congratulation! And thank you for your hard work :3 I wish you all the best and hope it sells like hot cakes! X3

Archeia_Nessiah said...

Ah damnit I'm 10 bucks short fffff But congrats sakevisual :DDD

Anonymous said...

Yay ^_^ Congrats on finishing (making) the game. Now I already wondered if you're going to make Kansei's sequel...

LVUER said...

Ugh, sorry, the previous message is mine. Forgot to insert the name.

Anonymous said...

D= can we COMBINEEEE the discounts xD LOL.

SelphyClark (Not really!~) said...

This is Spectacular I'm going to get it and Love it and be happy!~

E. said...

Oh Ayu, I'm so happy that you finally got this done, but there is a huge bug in the Linux demo, about ten seconds into the opening music, it cuts and freezes. I have to log out to close it, because it isn't responding to any commands I'm giving to it. I'm so, so sorry to bother you after you worked so hard on it. I hope it's easy to fix.


Ayu Sakata said...

@Anonymous: I'm pretty sure the settings allow you to combine discounts.

@E: Thanks for letting me know. ^-^ I'm looking at it on my VM right now, and I can't replicate it, but the video did give me some grief when I rendered it, so that may have something to do with it. If you have time, could you email me at so we can talk details?

starvedwriter said...

can we apply multiple discount codes?

Ayu Sakata said...

Discount codes cannot be stacked, but you can use any code in conjunction with the automatic 15% off when you get the two games together.

Zhir said...

Congrats on the latest release! :) I'll be off to download the demo now, as I doubt I've enough money to spare to buy. Nevertheless, I'm sure Kansei's awesome, as all your other projects have been. ;D

Mercs said...

*dance dance dance* Hooray!! I've been so looking forward to it.

Helia said...

Congratulations for releasing the game.

I was just wondering : Does one must do the blog post in english :x ? Since you have foreigners fans too...(if I do remember correctly Ripples has been translated to french).

Ayu Sakata said...

@Helia, another language is okay. Since it took me a bit to respond, I'll extend the deadline for you.

Helia said...

It’s really nice of you but it’s okay. In fact I already finished my blog post, I just wanted to know if I’d have to translate it ^^’. Since I’m not really good at speaking English, it would have taken quite a lot of time.


Anonymous said...

Has the turnout for the contests been good?

Ayu Sakata said...

@Anon: I've gotten some really nice fanart, and I'm really excited to share it with everyone. I think it's a pretty good turnout already, but that won't stop me from encouraging anyone else to enter. I also gave away six free codes via twitter already, so I think that's a good turnout.

miyod said...

Aww, I didn't notice this until today :( Well, never mind, I'm still buying it. After all, I owe you, guys :)

Han-sama said...

OMG!!! the story!!!... ♥♥
though i still didn't manage to get all the CGs yet... i still don't know how to get the last one at the top right corner one "OTL
the artwork is amazing, the voice actors are amazing AND FUNNY! << *coughouttakescough* (and some has sexy voices)

love ALL the characters... err..
well maybe not mister Augten << did i spell that right? O_o
but if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have the incredible story~ ♥
my least fav would probably be Liam, followed by Kevin << for obviuos reasons
ummm.. i forgot her name ^^" uhh
his seretary was normal, slightly funny sometimes, the reposter was slightly annoying, but seeing KANGAI's reaction was fun so.. XDD

Detective Gurski is probably my fav! ♥♥
i mean, JUST LOOK AT HIM!! ♥♥

Aki's awesome, Naoki is cute and fun to bully *hurr* i just wanna bully him XDDD
love her! so CUTE AND ADORABLE!!! ♥♥
her personality suits her SO MUUUCH!!!

uhmmm... oh yeah! Kangai!
he's one funny dude XDD love him @,@

though.. i still don't feel satisfied with everything!
i want to know more about their pasts!
why in the **** did mister augsten(?!) freakout/took vidoes of Kangai?!
i want to know more about their Kansais!! =w=#
i wanna know more about that girl that appeared in the epilouge!
there're lots of mystries i wanna know more but i just forgot "OTL