Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anime Expo + Future Plans

And I'm back from my very first Anime Expo! It was craaazy, but I had a great time meeting everyone there. Visual novels got a great representation there with several EVN dev groups putting in an appearance (Dischan, Kinou Games, Kuroi Games, Okashi Studios, R3 Productions, Sakura River, Zeiva Inc. and Zero Zigen, to name some in alphabetical order). It was also great to meet a lot of you guys who I've only managed to speak with online. Sorry if I seemed kind of tired. I really was. ^_^;; Unfortunately, my body is still recovering from the accident, so I really wanted to sleep, and I was a little out of it during the whole thing. Being able to see all of you really made the trip worth it, though! Also, a big thanks to EigoManga for graciously inviting sakevisual to take part in the doujin game panel alongside Zero Zigen, Carpe Fulgur and Okashi Studios.

Now that the big con for the summer is over, it's time to buckle down and get some visual novels done! Kansei will be released this week (in fact, the countdown to Kansei will begin tomorrow), and Winter in Fairbrook will follow shortly after that. I'm also doing work with Moa Cube on a fairy tail visual novel called Cinders. Expect a release of that sometime this summer as well.

Once these three games are taken care of, we'll be turning our attention to a sequel novel that a lot of you guys have been asking for. Hint: See the sketch above for details.


Unknown said...

I was happy to meet you there. Thanks for shareing your insight into the world of EVNs. Sorry to hear about the bug patch, but these things happen with any kind of software and at the end of the day, a VN is still software.

-Able Kirby

Ayu Sakata said...

It was great to meet you as well. I hope my ramblings about stuff weren't too inane. D: I'm just glad that the bug was something I could fix easily (even if I still can't figure out why it happened).

VeronicaRojas said...

Are you feeling better? :D please take care of yourself >_<
I'm glad you had a great time in the Anime Expo and looking forward for the new games *-*

Anonymous said...

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a new game! Exciting :)

I'm looking forward to playing Kansei!

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Rika from R3, I know Rei Sakurazaki dropped by, pity I couldn't come along as well. I was covering several panels at the time. I'm glad you had a good time at AX. Looking forward to reviewing Kansei.