Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Biweekly Poll - Minigames in VNs

Hey, it's time for biweekly poll discussion again. Yay! We're back to talk about minigames. Mostly because I've been playing a lot of stat raisers and sim games lately. >.> Here are the results of our poll:

Minigames in VNs?
  23 (11%)
  123 (63%)
Hidden Object Games
  49 (25%)
Turn Based Fighters
  52 (26%)
  94 (48%)
A cool idea I will tell you about!
  12 (6%)

Votes: 193

For the most part, you guys prefer them skippable, which I can understand. Some of you mentioned you'd drop me a note in the comments. I expect at least twelve cool ideas! >.> Also, if you have any minigames you really liked (or didn't) in VNs, let me know.


Melfice_1 said...

Depends on the type of Mini Game.

You can for example make some riddles and/or buzzles (Layton Style) which are "decision points" at the same time.
(You open the door-> Flag A, you do nt solve the puzzle-> Flag B)

Also the Card Battles in Princess Waltz were interesting (dunno if they count as Mini Games)

Renasci said...

As long as it's not a requirement, I'm fine with it.

Anne said...

I was thinking of Professor Layton when I chose "puzzles", too. The only problem I have with mini-games is when they feel like they were shoehorned in, or they don't make sense in context.

Oh, but it's great when developers throw a little bonus game in, like being able to play something on your character's computer while in their room. Especially when you get some kind of small reward for beating it. It's fun when there's a short game of some kind that you have to complete at decision points as well. I think my favourite example of a mini-game in a visual novel would be in Date Warp, where you had to connect wires to your desired answers in order to make decisions (though you could skip to an answer you'd already used.) The whole thing fit in really well with the menacing, futuristic atmospere of the story.

Antos said...

Ooh, so I wasn't the only one who thought of Professor Layton.
I love it when a game has puzzles. When they're relevant to the story, the process of solving them can feel so epic.
However, I believe they should still be skippable. But solving them should be rewarded in some way.
That, or Melfice_1's idea about flags sounds really great, I think. ^^