Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beta Testing in Fairbrook

You always think you're done. And then it's time to beta test. Hello, typos! Winter in Fairbrook is officially in beta testing mode right now. There are a couple bugs and typos here and there, but you can play the game all the way through, and there are endings and pretty pictures, and it's a whole lot of fun! Honestly, I think I'm wasting more time playing the flower raising bits than actually looking for bugs. I should probably not be confessing this in public. >.>;;

So what does this mean for all of you wonderful, patient, people? It means that the wait is nearly over. For real, this time. As in, before the month is over, you too can be a proud owner of Winter in Fairbrook. It also means that before the month is over, you'll get a nice, long blog post from me about writing the game, a couple hints, and probably some random commentary. (Feel free to ask questions.)

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