Friday, December 30, 2011

Biweekly Poll - Explore ALL the Paths!

I'm so excited! We've never gotten 400 votes before. : D 401 is our new record. Yaaaay! This time, I asked you guys how you play your dating sims. Only seven people said they don't play at all, but I suspect that's because most people who don't play dating sims simply didn't answer the poll. Most of you are completists, aiming for all the endings no matter what. What makes the "non-good" endings interesting to you? Do you just really want to see all the options? Has a bad end ever been a let down? Has a GOOD end ever been a let down?

Only go after the ones I like.
  135 (33%)
Get all the datable characters.
  188 (46%)
Try to get all the endings, good or bad.
  236 (58%)
Play until I'm bored with the story.
  108 (26%)
Don't play dating sims.
  7 (1%)

Votes: 401


Otakowen said...

Well, i always play the game until i get every ending because i want to see every feature in the game. Sometimes i actually find the "bad" endings better than the happy ones because they can be pretty humorous and amusing.
But really, if i enjoy a game i just want to know and see everything that it has to offer, whether it's happy or sad.

John Evans said...

If you don't get some endings, you don't get the whole impact of the story. A VN story doesn't consist of one storyline; it's made up of every story branch. If you miss out on some, you don't get the entire experience.

Tacinn said...

The only time I was unsatisfied with a good ending was one in Meine Liebe. It was the good ending for that particular guy, but so not what I was expecting.

I like going for all the endings because they all contribute to the bigger story and not completing one side will often mean missing some details.

Zerix said...

It's always interesting the see what people consider "bad", it's usually either kinda disturbing... or just sad.

Raeredfern said...

I haven't been playing these kinds of games for very long. (maybe 8 months to a year)

I'm a pretty sad player though. I've never managed to score a good ending or end up with any guy or girl. I always get the alone or bad ending. I just played Winter in Fairbrook and I thought for sure I got one of the guys this time. I was so excited, then I got the alone ending. So getting all the endings may be a little out of my league :)
I managed to get an ending in Shira Oka but it took me 9 game years to get her phone number :P

If I manage to get good at these kinds of games, knowing all the endings would be cool. I like to hear the whole story and even if I don't like one of the paths, finding out where it leads can always be fun. I like collecting art gallery pics in the game. It feels like I'm preserving a memory, putting together a puzzle, and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

Oops I rambled. Sorry about that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if the story is written well it is a pleasure to play it again and again to flush out more of the story. If I like the settings or characters wether I get a good or bad ending is not really an issue. (though good endings are nice)

I did get the breakdance ending in the cosplay cafe. That cracked me up. So far best ending I've ever received. :D

Chaoticblu said...

Hm, Well I usually go after the guys I like the best first, then the others and get everyone's ending.

But bad endings/ or bad storyline anywhere in the game is a MAJOR letdown and has made me NOT want to get all of a certain character's endings. I could name names (not Sakevisual :), but lets just saw it is a real downer when a so called "light" or "good" endings turns out to be anything but. It is such a downer when the guy you pick turns out to be a jerk and you are trapped in his endings. At least in real life you can break up with him!

Naomi said...
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Naomi said...

I try to get all the CGs.. so, maybe I would try to get every single ending, to make sure I saw all the CGs XD