Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Game Announcement - First Person Shooter: The Visual Novel

For immediate publication: Sakevisual Announces Groundbreaking New Fusion Game

On April 1st, 2012, visual novel group "sakevisual" announced that it would be developing a new title tentatively called, "First Person Shooter: The Visual Novel." The game design features an innovative new style of gameplay that will revolutionize the gaming world as we know it.

Sakevisual project leader, Ayu Sakata, said, "The major barrier to playing a first person shooter has always been the real time nature of the game. Some players struggle with timing, aim, or reflexes. We intend to combine the excitement of a shooting game with the unique decision making process that visual novels provide to offer players a much more friendly shooting environment."

A work in progress screen shot shows sakevisual's innovative decision making system in action.
The game is still in development, but sakevisual lists an optimistic release date of "sometime soonish, probably." And for fans of sakevisual's other works wondering if it will contain sakevisual's trademark storytelling, Ayu adds, "No, we don't really intend to make this a story-driven piece. People just aren't that into reading, anymore."


Anonymous said...

Definitely an April's Fool joke. .__.

Super Serious About This said...

Timing was off maybe, but I doubt it's a joke. I mean, there are plenty of turnbased action games. Pokemon, FF, etc. About time someone did it with FPS!

Totally looking forward to this game. Your most innovative yet! Loads of luv for this. :)

Jess31299 said...

Woah, a shooter visual novel?! Sounds weird. But since it's from Sakevisual I know its gonna be fun! Looking forward to it!

Paranerd said...

Thanks for this. It gave me a good laugh. Maybe I should turn this idea into a real VN.

RobinSparrow said...

Happy April Fool's Day, indeed XD

Annalyn said...

Why would a fan of shooting games want that?
"People aren't into reading anymore?"
This doesn't sound like the Sakevisual I thought I knew.
*Looks at first comment*
Oh. Yeah, I knew that.
Very funny. >.>

Funnyguts said...

Damn, I wanted to make a First Person Shooter VN! I was going to do it just because PyTom kept using FPS games as an example of what you can't do with Ren'py. Oh well, I guess I have been beaten to the punch. I hope your game goes well, even if it is an April Fools joke.

VNs Now Guy said...

See now you're going to HAVE to make it! April Fools be damned!

NotABot55 said...

April Fool's joke or not, this is a great idea! I'm sure there are those who enjoy FPS stuff but wouldn't touch VNs with a ten-foot mouse cable, and vice versa. This could be the bridge between the two (heck, it worked with third-person shooters, All Good Ayup.)